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The Committee

Since its inception, the euward has been the responsibility of a committee of trustees who hold active, responsible positions in cultural life.

The following are responsible for meeting this requirement:
  • Prof. Hans Gercke
    Heidelberg Art Association, Director (retired)
  • Franz Hitzler
    Artist, Munich
  • Dr. Monika Jagfeld
    Stiftung/Museum schweizerische Naive Kunst und Art Brut (foundation/ museum of Swiss Naive Art and Art Brut), Director,
    St. Gallen 
  • Dr. Michael Meuer
    Pinakothek der Moderne, MCD, Director; Munich 
  • Prof. Dr. Anja Mohr
    Institute for Art Education, Munich University
  • Dr. phil. Thomas Röske
    Prinzhorn-Collection, Director, Heidelberg
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Klaus Mecherlein
The Augustinum
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