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Entry is open to all people who are active as artists and who - according to the laws of their own countries - are classified as "mentally disabled".
Closing date for application is March 31, 2014.


To enter, artists should send a photographic reproduction of five of their works to the address below, using the application forms, that can be downloaded here.

  • To enter for the euward please submit colour-reproductions (photographic prints, 14.8 x 21 cm format, on photographic paper) of five selected works (per artist).
  • Choose colour photographs of either five works from the field of graphic art (drawings and printings) or of five paintings (the originals can be of any format).
  • The photos should be of a quality suitable for reproduction.
  • Glue each of the photographs in the designated space on one of the pre-printed forms.
  • In the space provided above the photograph, enter the most important information about the original: the title, technique, dimensions and year of origin.
  • If the original is in vertical format, use the line labelled "vertical" for the required information.
  • If the original is in oblong format, enter the information on the line labelled "oblong".
  • Please use the back of the form - and only the back - to enter your personal details: name, place and date of birth, address of your institution, nationality, previous exhibitions or contributions to exhibitions and prizes (if applicable).
  • You will need five forms altogether.
  • On submitting your entry, you are in agreement that all the entry documents submitted remain in the euward-Archive. You retain full reproduction rights to your works however.
  • Works by individual artists may be published by the euward Archive in an internet gallery. With your signature, you decide wether to grant the rights to particular works for this intended publication of the euward Archive. The works will not be commercially exploited.
  • The nominated artists will be announced on this internet site from April 14, 2014, following the preselection stage. Applicants not nominated will not be informed separately or otherwise contacted. No reason will be given for rejection. Rejected applicants can apply again for the next euward award.
  • Failure to receive nomination for the shortlist does not automatically mean a negative assessment of the artistic work, since only a relatively small number of the applicants can be selected.

euward Archiv
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application form (pdf-file)

Klaus Mecherlein
atelier HPCA & euward Archiv
Hirschplanallee 2
D-85764 Oberschleißheim
Tel.: +49 89 315 81-161
Fax: +49 89 315 16 78
Klaus Mecherlein
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