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euward award winners 2014

Giulia Zini

Giulia Zini was born in 1996 in Novellara (Reggio Emilia, Italy). She has worked in Atelier dell'Errore (Children Neuropsychiatry-AUSL Reggio Emilia) since 2004 and attends the G. Chierici school, specialising in fine arts, in Reggio Emilia. She is called "queen of the studio" because of her determined urge to draw on oversized paper. Due to her dysgraphia and dyslexia, she turns the titles of her works into small poems. She took part in a short film entitled "Giulia Zini is Arnulf Rainer", which is usually shown alongside her works. more ...

Dimitri Pietquin

Dimitri Pietquin was born in 1978 in Sambreville (Belgium). He works at "La Maisonee" at Haut-Ittre (Belgium). He was encouraged to begin artistically elaborating his notebooks, filled with curious word constructs. He continued this mode of working on a large format on paper. Thematically, Dimitri Pietquin concentrates mainly on rock fragments, aircrafts, boats and houses. He draws the motifs with Chinese ink and oil pastels on a background of words and sentences. In 2005, he received an award at the "Prix Dirk Box" in Belgium. more ...

Patrick Siegl

Patrick Siegl was born in 1991 in Munich. Since 2011, he has been a member of atelier hpca in Oberschleißheim near Munich. Siegl's works are characterized by his knowledge of and strong interest in Asian culture, as a recurring major theme. In the work process, the artist first divides up his picture surfaces into different scenic areas with small, continually recurring form elements. You discover, nested, Asian temple roofs with pillars, between which water cascades out of rocks overgrown with exotic plants, as well as clouds, statues of Buddha, stone lanterns and, again and again, Asian warriors. more ...
Klaus Mecherlein
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Klaus Mecherlein
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