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euward award winners 2010


Peter Kapeller

Peter Kapeller was born in 1969 in Vienna, Austria. After attending elementary and secondary school, he began training as a sanitary engineer, though he wasn't able to complete it due to his mental crisis. The illness shaped his biography and he repeatedly spent time in hospital. Kapeller lives and works in a small one-room flat, hardly 30 square meters in size, in a social housing complex in the south of Vienna. He creates his drawings and etchings in night sessions lasting hours, when he can find the quiet and concentration. more...

Sigrid Reingruber

Sigrid Reingruber was born in 1980 in Gmunden am Traunsee, Upper Austria. She has worked daily in the supervised studio of the art workshop of Lebenshilfe Gmunden since 1995. Reingruber has given her artistic language several dialects. Depending on how she is feeling, she puts symbols such as the circle, cross or  triangle into ever new relationships, or works on drip, spray and socalled "scribble" pictures, which can assume gigantic formats. more...

Annemarie Delleg

Annemarie Delleg
Annemarie Delleg was born in 1988 in Bruneck, South Tyrol, in Italy. After attending elementary school and middle school, she completed a vocational guidance course. Even as a young girl, she drew and created her own world in her pictures. Since 2008 she has worked in the integrated art studio for artists with mental handicap at the Grain further education institute in Bruneck. more...
Video award ceremony 2007
On this side we make available to you a video of the presentation in 2007 in the Haus der Kunst. more
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