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Award presentation 2014

Giulia Zini 1st award winner of euward 2014

On Saturday, November 22nd, the Augustinum Stiftung presented the winners of the sixth euward, the European art award for painting and graphic arts by artists with mental disabilities. Up to March 1st, 2015, the euward exhibition shows about 180 artworks by the winners and all the other nominated artists in the Buchheim Museum, Bernried.

The Augustinum Stiftung (Munich) has presented euward since 2000 to offer mentally handicapped artists a professional forum for their current creative work. As an art award with an international outlook, the euward's aim is to acknowledge the artistic quality of the work of these largely unknown outsiders. The prizewinners are rewarded with cash prizes and a printed catalogue, totalling EUR 19,000 in value.

euward award presentation in the Buchheim Museum in Bernried (from left to right): curator Klaus Mecherlein, Dimitri Pietquin (2nd Prize), actor and euward 2014 patron Edgar Selge, Giulia Zini (1st Prize), Prof. Markus Rückert (Augustinum Stiftung) and Patrick Siegl (3rd Prize). Photo: Augustinum / Christian Topp
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